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    The organising committee for the Silver Jubilee of Buddo SS gladly informs all our stakeholders that the celebrations will take place on Saturday 16th of July 2016 at the main campus. Theme:OBSTACLES IN THE STRUGGLE SUCCUMB TO RESILIENCE. Note: A Road map to Silver Jubilee celebration can be downloaded at this site. Dont miss all are welcome.



    The Administration, Staff and Students of Buddo Secondary School wish a Happy Easter


    I am glad to inform you that our mission of providing an all round education in a conducive environment, moral values and life skills necessary for human survival, is apparently taking the right course. He who visited us on the 4th February 1991 will not believe his eyes when he visits us today. Schools have a tendency of building castles in the air, but I wonder whether the following is fantasy! Whatever is aired out herein is reflected practically on the ground.

    In a bid to extend our good services to the surrounding community, we established a day section, Kisozi campus and a primary section, St. Francis Junior and primary school charging affordable fees to the common man and woman. Really, it would be very unfair to run only a boarding section that mostly benefits the middle class and far away students. On this note, I call upon everybody to support this conscious venture.

    The infrastructural developments we now have are the direct opposite of what we had in 1991 and the current rehabilitation programs in place are evident of our persistent hard work, teamwork and proper planning. We have built new dormitories, and paved the ground to enviable beauty.

    The school has a vision to see its products triumphing to greater heights and progressive academic excellence. The nation wide reputation we have made in sports, music, dance and drama is a good step taken towards the afore mentioned vision of providing students with pragmatic skills necessary for human survival.

    Initially, we yearned for the setting up of agricultural projects like, crop growing, cattle keeping, fish farming and poultry, but nothing would have been introduced in the absence of patience, dedication and hard work. The said projects provide students today with eggs, fish , cabbages, Irish potatoes, bread, etc. it is not accidental therefore that students of Buddo S.S are exceedingly healthy.

    Indeed when we consider the much we have achieved since 1991 hitherto, I feel obliged to offer a token of appreciation to all stakeholders. Our students really deserve to be credited for maintaining an indisputable kind of discipline, religious commitment and hard work. Our ‘pilots’, the teachers deserve an extra credit, for nothing of substance could be achieved without their tireless efforts. Indeed their dedication, hard work and competence do fulfil the goals of the school; to employ the right people who are technically scrutinized. We regularly organize teacher’s workshops to keep them abreast with the changing requirements of our education system. The constant motivation we give them explains our good wish for teachers’ self-development.

    Dear parents, the school is proud of your support and we pray to the almighty God to reward you endlessly. The fees you pay, the scholastic materials, to the students, are not because you have a lot, but only a commitment.

    Dear visitors to our website, I wish to inform you that in acknowledgment of the school outreach activities, I was elected the Chairperson of MDD committee, Wakiso District and Chairperson Nsangi Secondary School Head teachers Association. I wish you discovery, fulfilment and satisfaction existent in Buddo Secndary School

    Yours in service,

    Lawrence Muwonge Matovu



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